Arms Trafficking

Referred to generically as illegal arms trafficking or gun running, the act of unlawfully receiving, possessing, or transporting firearms or ammunition is essentially when anyone who is not a licensed firearms dealer distributes firearms or ammunition into interstate or foreign commerce. Described in terms of television shows or movies we’ve all watched, the individual who sells a gun to someone from the trunk of his car or the international weapons dealer who sells high powered firearms on the black market would be committing a violation of Federal Law prohibiting firearm trafficking. Now more than ever since the Aurora, Colorado movie shooting and the horrific mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut the Feds are cracking down on illegal firearms and their distribution. The natural connection of this crime with violent crime, Federal drug crime and conspiracies to do the same causes the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms in addition to the United States Attorney’s Office to zealously investigate and prosecute individuals accused of any type of arms trafficking. The penalties are harsh for this crime and like Federal drug crimes, the amount alleged bears on the sentencing possibilities. If you’ve been charged with this crime, you need an experienced Federal criminal attorney and you need one fast. Each criminal lawyer in our firm is routinely in Federal court and has the know how to get you the best possible result for your case.


Defined under United States Code 18 USC 922 it is illegal for any person except a licensed importer, licensed manufacturer, or licensed dealer to engage in the business of importing, manufacturing, or dealing in firearms, or in the course of such business to ship, transport, or receive any firearm in interstate or foreign commerce;


Except a licensed importer or licensed manufacturer, to engage in the business of importing or manufacturing ammunition, or in the course of such business, to ship, transport, or receive any ammunition in interstate or foreign commerce.


Because of the ever increasing focus on firearms and the zealous investigation and prosecution of firearms related crimes, anyone being investigated for an arms trafficking crime or anyone under indictment for arms trafficking should contact an experienced criminal attorney as soon as possible. Our attorneys are experienced in not only a State criminal court but also our Federal courts. Not every criminal defense firm can say that. We know what factors act to aggravate an arms trafficking charge and will fight at all phases of your case to prevent those from being implemented. We are familiar in all defenses available for a charge of this nature and what factors can act to mitigate a sentence should your case be unfit for trial. Simply put, we know what we’re doing at the Federal level and that’s exactly what you need should you be charged with a crime of this nature. Call us today at 813-444-7435 or submit a form for a free case consultation.