Brandon, Florida Criminal Attorneys

Brandon is located in the eastern portion of Hillsborough County, Florida.  For that reason, if one is arrested in Brandon or is charged with a crime near Brandon, most likely their case will be heard nearby at the Plant City Courthouse located at 301 N. Michigan Avenue.  Arrests in certain portions of Brandon can be routed to the main Hillsborough County Courthouse located 800 Twiggs Street in Tampa.  If you are arrested or cited in Brandon your courthouse information may likely be listed on the documents you receive.  Brandon is home to a Hillsborough County Clerk of Court branch office located at 311 Pauls Drive, Suite 110 to help with Court related questions as well.  Despite being home to approximately 103,483 Floridians, Brandon does not have their own police force but rather is monitored and patrolled by the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office.

How Can We Help In Your Criminal Case?

Jason Mayberry has been a Brandon criminal lawyer for the majority of his career. This are is now our home as it is yours. The fine individuals that share this fine city have chosen our firm again and again for quality legal representation for not only criminal matters but divorce work, speeding tickets, and have called upon us for help with injuries caused by the negligence of others. So really, why us? We appreciate your question.

  1. We know what we’re doing and we won’t make you feel inferior because you don’t necessarily know the legal system. The court system is scary. So much so, some lawyers don’t even want to be in it. It’s ok to be scared. Not only will we strive to get you the best possible result on your case, we’ll do all we can to ease your mind in the process. You deserve not only a great lawyer but one who can help you through the emotional roller coaster you’re likely on.
  2. Our fees are what they are. We don’t nickel and dime our clients. We’re up front with you. If you like our candid approach, hire us. If you don’t, perhaps there’s another attorney that is a better fit.
  3. We aren’t dinosaurs. We know the players involved in the system. We’re there all the time, we know many of them inside and outside of Court. Like it or not, it never hurts to have a trust filled relationship with a US Attorney or State Attorney to get the best possible result for a client.
  4. We go to trial. That’s why we became lawyers. The US Attorney’s Office knows that, the State Attorney’s Office knows that. Because they know that we have the leverage to get the best deals for our clients.
  5. We don’t tell our clients what they want to hear just to keep the meeting comfortable. What good does that do? You deserve the truth and we’ll give it to you. What good is a lawyer that builds a house of cards?
  6. Need us? Call us on our cell. You’ll have it. Use it.
  7. We hate to lose at anything. We love helping our clients but we also hate to lose. Is it a bit selfish? Probably. Would you want an indifferent criminal lawyer though?
Types Of Cases We Handle In Tampa

Our criminal firm handles Federal and State criminal cases including mail fraud, wire fraud, tax fraud, money laundering under 1957, money laundering under 1956, possession with the intent to distribute drugs, all conspiracy allegations, RICO violations, arms trafficking, all degrees of murder, DUI, sexual battery, lewd and lascivious acts, grand theft, petit theft, aggravated assault and battery, domestic violence and many others.

Will You Have To Go To Court?

This will all depend on the Judge in our State court system. Regardless we’ll have you sign a “waiver of appearance and authority to represent” form that allows us to appear for you. Some judges won’t accept this though. If we draw one of those Judges you’ll have to accompany us to your Court dates. That said, of course it’s your right to attend all court dates should you choose. For Federal criminal cases our firm policy is to have our clients attend each and every Court date as the Judge will most likely require this anyway. For Federal cases every little bit helps and should you ultimately enter a plea we’d love to be able to mention at a sentencing how dedicated you are to your case.

Our Judges presiding in the 13th Judicial Circuit in Tampa are found here.

Our Judges presiding in the Middle District of Florida Federal Court for the Tampa division are here.

Why Hire Us?

Jason Mayberry was recently named a “Top 100 Trial Lawyer” as nominated by the National Trial Lawyer’s Association and enjoys a perfect 10 out of 10 rating on legal ranking service Jason Mayberry is a client’s choice for Federal Crime issues and actively practices in both Federal and State court in the Tampa Bay area. Our past clients’ opinions speak for us on Please check them out!