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Clearwater, Fl Criminal Attorneys

Clearwater is located throughout the center of Pinellas County, running from the east coast to the west coast of the county.  Clearwater’s population is approximately 108,732, making it the Sixteenth largest city in Florida in terms of population and the second largest city in Pinellas County.  Because of its central location and population, Clearwater is home to the Pinellas County Justice Center located at 14250 49th Street North, the courthouse housing all Pinellas County criminal allegations and some domestic related issues.  The Pinellas County Jail is located next door to the Pinellas County Justice Center at 14400 49th Street North in Clearwater.  Clearwater also houses a traffic courthouse annex located at 29582 U.S. 19 North that handles civil and criminal traffic allegations alleged to have been committed in northern Pinellas County.  The Pinellas County Clerk of Court has an office in each of these courthouse buildings and can be reached by calling 727-464-7000.  Because Clearwater is a Spring Break destination, often people find themselves charged with a minor criminal offense while here.  Depending on the charge, it may be possible for a Clearwater criminal lawyer to handle the issue and avoid the necessity of a follow up appearance. 

How can We Help in Your Criminal Case?

Our attorneys have specialized in criminal law from the day we passed the bar exam. We’ve worked on thousands of cases and helped more clients than we can count. Much more often than not we’ve been able to earn a result for our clients that will allow them to put their difficult time behind them in a fashion that won’t be detrimental to their future. We want to do that for you as well. Here’s why we can help.

  1. When one is charged with a crime it’s an extremely stressful thing. Let us handle that stress. We do this for a living and we can see you through this difficult time in a fashion that won’t damage your future.
  2. We don’t nickel and dime our clients for every stamp, envelope and thought about their case. Our fee is our fee. Done deal.
  3. We’re well connected in the Court system. Though it’s an adversarial system, it never hurts to have a trusted relationship with a prosecutor. When a prosecutor trusts a defense attorney the chances of getting a good deal are better.
  4. We try cases. Those attorneys that aren’t afraid to take a case before a jury are the same attorneys that get the best results for their clients. We’ll be happy to explain when we talk.
  5. We shoot our clients straight. You need to know what you’re facing, good, bad, or otherwise. It does no good to sugarcoat what’s going on.
  6. We mean that. We’re not infallible and so we may miss your call from time to time. If we do, we’ll call you back sooner rather than later. Sound fair?
  7. We won’t treat you as a number, won’t talk down to you and actually want to help you achieve a result over and above paying us money. We care about our clients and our results indicate that. Our past clients are our best referral sources and they refer for a reason.
Types of Cases We Handle in Pinellas County

At our firm we handle Federal and State criminal cases including wire fraud, extortion, tax fraud, money laundering, child pornography allegations, possession with the intent to distribute drugs, alien smuggling, conspiracy, RICO act violations, drug trafficking, murder, DUI, Sex crimes, manslaughter, kidnapping, false imprisonment, battery and many others.

Will You Have to go to Court?

For State cases sometimes yes and sometimes no. This will all depend on the Judge your case is before. Some will require your presence, some won’t. Those that don’t require you to be there generally allow you to file a waiver of appearance and we’ll do that for you. If you’re out on a Federal bond you’ll have to make an appearance each time.

The Judges who preside in the 6th Judicial Circuit for Pinellas County can be found by clicking here to link the judicial directory.

The Judges who preside in the Middle District of Florida Federal Court for the Tampa division can be found here.

Why Hire Us?

We believe our firm is the hardest working criminal firm in Florida. We do what it takes to get the job done on each and every case we handle. Firm founder Jason Mayberry has recently been named a “Top 100 Trial Lawyer” by the National Trial Lawyer’s organization and is rated as “superb” by lawyer rating service AVVO.com attaining a perfect “10” rating. Our dedication to our clients is clear and this is evident in our numerous perfect reviews on AVVO. We do what it takes to get the job done for you.

Client Reviews
"...I would not have gotten my life back with out Jason Mayberry and the hard work of him and his firm. He became a friend... My wife and I highly recommend the Mayberry law firm and we will only use him in the future if we need an attorney..." JB
"..After speaking with Jason on the phone, I stopped the search. There was just something about this friendly, No BS professional that told me this is the one. During my consultation, it was like talking to a long time buddy. I was totally at ease..." NH
"Having never been arrested before I was completely terrified and ignorant to the judicial process. Jason provided emotional support and the knowledge and experience I needed. He was available 24/7 for all of my concerns and questions. He was efficient..." LH
"My wife was facing false accusations that she misrepresented her Income on mortgage applications and was facing serious time as this was a federal crime. Jason worked diligently with her and myself daily on all the details of the sentencing potentials..." Anonymous
"...I called various attorneys and researched for four hours straight. After speaking with roughly 20 attorneys and reading various reviews, I knew that Attorney Mayberry was the best..." J.H.
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