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Each year in Pasco County, more than 6,500 people are arrested and charged with criminal offenses, putting their lives and liberty on the line. Regardless of the type of crime, from lengthy jail sentences to fines to probation to possible sex offender registration requirements, a criminal conviction can forever change your life. At the same time, being arrested is far from the same thing as being convicted, and a Pasco County Criminal defense lawyer can help you identify the best defense to the crimes you’re facing and advocate on your behalf to ensure your recent arrest has as little impact on your future as possible.

At the Mayberry Law Firm, Attorney Jason Mayberry proudly represents clients charged with all types of serious felony and misdemeanor crimes. We understand that having a criminal case hanging over your head makes it almost impossible to focus on anything else, and we’re prepared to do whatever we can to protect your interests.

Types of Pasco County Cases We Handle

The Mayberry Law Firm was founded on the principle that everyone deserves a strong defense, regardless of the crimes they’ve been charged with. And we take pride in developing creative, effective defenses for clients charged with all types of crimes, including but not limited to the following:

DUI Defense

If you’re facing DUI charges in Pasco County, it’s crucial to have an experienced defense lawyer by your side. DUI convictions can result in serious consequences, including license suspension, fines, and jail time. A skilled attorney with the Mayberry Law Firm can challenge the evidence against you, such as the legality of the traffic stop, the accuracy of breathalyzer tests, and the procedures followed during your arrest. With the right defense, you may be able to reduce or dismiss the charges, safeguarding your freedom and driving privileges.

Sex Crimes

In Pasco County, being accused of a sex crime carries severe legal and social consequences. A criminal defense lawyer with specific experience handling sex crime cases is vital to navigating the complex legal system and protecting your rights. They will meticulously examine the evidence, challenge the credibility of accusers, and explore all legal defenses, such as consent or mistaken identity. The goal is to secure a favorable outcome, potentially avoiding registration as a sex offender and preserving your reputation and future prospects.

Child Pornography Offenses

Facing charges related to child pornography in Pasco County is extremely serious, with potential penalties including long-term imprisonment and mandatory sex offender registration. Our experienced criminal defense attorney handles these cases with the utmost sensitivity and confidentiality, scouring the evidence for signs of an illegal search or seizure. By crafting a strong defense strategy, we aim to protect your rights, challenge the prosecution’s case, and strive for a resolution that reduces your exposure and protects your long-term interests.

Drug Charges

Facing drug charges in Pasco County can be daunting, with potential outcomes including hefty fines, incarceration, and a permanent criminal record. At the Mayberry Law, we scrutinize every detail of your case, from the legality of the search and seizure that led to your arrest to the handling of the evidence. Whether you’re accused of possession, trafficking, or manufacturing, our defense attorney will provide a robust defense, exploring avenues for charge reduction or case dismissal and ensuring your rights are protected throughout the legal process.


Theft charges carry significant repercussions, from fines to imprisonment. Our Pasco County criminal defense attorney will rigorously analyze the evidence against you, including the intent and value of the stolen property. We can negotiate plea deals or fight for your case in court, aiming to reduce the severity of the charges or achieve a not-guilty verdict, thereby protecting your rights and minimizing the impact on your life.

Domestic Violence

Being charged with domestic violence is a serious matter that can affect your personal relationships, housing, and employment. Our Pasco County criminal defense lawyer will scrutinize the evidence against you, including witness statements and medical reports, to build a strong defense. Regardless of the facts of your case, we will aim to resolve the charges favorably by challenging the prosecution’s claims and seeking the best possible outcome, whether through negotiation or trial.

The Mayberry Law Firm represents clients throughout Pasco County, including in Wesley Chapel, Trinity, Zephyrhills, New Port Richey, Holiday, Elfers, and Dade City.

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If you have recently been charged with a crime in Pasco County, it is imperative that you work with an experienced defense attorney who will take your case as seriously as you do. At the Mayberry Law Firm, our Pasco County criminal defense attorney has extensive experience defending clients charged with serious misdemeanor and felony crimes, including sex offenses, DUIs, and domestic violence offenses. We take a comprehensive approach to every case we handle to ensure that your rights are protected throughout the process. To learn more, and to schedule a free consultation today, call 813-444-7435. You can also connect with us through our secure online contact form.

Client Reviews

I have to be honest. I was facing two felony aggravated assault charges and a firearm charge. Drunk in a blackout and no recollection of the road rage event. Not much for any attorney to go on to save my Butt. My Wife found the add for Mayberry law firm and we called. Jason spent well over an hour...


I was in the Tampa area on a family vacation earlier this year, when I suddenly found myself facing a felony charge of child neglect. My world and life, it seemed, were headed for total disaster. I was facing having my very long, successful and spotless military career coming to a horrible end. I...


Having never been arrested before I was completely terrified and ignorant to the judicial process. Jason provided emotional support and the knowledge and experience I needed. He was available 24/7 for all of my concerns and questions. He was efficient, comforting, and extremely intelligent. I had...


My wife was facing false accusations that she misrepresented her Income on mortgage applications and was facing serious time as this was a federal crime. Jason worked diligently with her and myself daily on all the details of the sentencing potentials whether positive or negative to our benefit and...


My husband I went to Tampa for the NFL game. We went to Ybor City and had a few drinks and got into an argument while going back to our hotel. After a long night of drinking and arguing, the police came out of nowhere and stated that my husband hit me. AT best, he was gesturing with his hands. It...

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