Domestic Injunction Hearings

NM v. NM

Result: Injunction Granted

Client was involved in a deteriorating marriage and had separated from her husband. On an evening when she stopped by the marital home to retrieve certain items Client’s husband physically prevented her from leaving. Client had been at a pool room having drinks with friends earlier that evening. During the Domestic Violence Injunction hearing, evidence of possible intoxication of our client was revealed on cross examination of her. Our Tampa criminal attorneys were able to show through direct examination of Client and cross examination of her husband and his police officer friend that Client was thrown to the ground and held on three different occasions. At the conclusion of testimony the Judge ruled in our favor and GRANTED THE INJUNCTION ON OUR BEHALF.

SH, TN v. MR

Result: Injunction Dismissed

MR (client) rented a room in his Largo home to SH and TN. SH and TN quickly ceased to pay the agreed upon rent and began harassing MR. SH and TN alleged in a Domestic Violence Injunction petition that MR brandished a gun on several occasions and threatened them. Despite police investigating these allegations and declining to make an arrest, SH and TN proceeded to file for a temporary restraining order, an instrument that temporarily evicted MR from his own home. MR filed a petition with the local civil court to evict SH and TN but in the interim could not re-enter his home because of the temporary restraining order in place against him. Because a hearing is allowed in a Domestic Violence Injunction MR retained Jason Mayberry to fight the allegations against him in the hope of preventing a permanent injunction. Upon arrival in Court to combat the injunctions, Mayberry encountered not just the injunctions filed against his client, but also injunctions requested against MR’s daughter. Through cross examination, Mayberry impeached the credibility of all petitioners, defeating their attempt for permanent injunctions. All injunctions against MR and his daughter were DISMISSED.