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Domestic Violence

Each Tampa criminal lawyer at The Mayberry Law Firm is experienced at defending individuals against allegations of violence asserted by a spouse, family member, parent, or child. We’ve defended individuals countless times in both criminal courts and in injunction hearings accused of domestic violence. Whether it was an assault, battery, or sexually assault allegation by a family or household member, we’ve seen it and handled it with grace. When these allegations are made it is of utmost importance to determine whether the alleged victim wants to pursue charges or if the incident is nothing more than a misunderstanding. In the interim it is of utmost importance to navigate the case while not violating any civil injunction in place or pretrial ruling. Hiring a Tampa criminal lawyer at The Mayberry Law Firm will put you in the best position to either mount a vigorous defense or work toward getting your case dropped by the State Attorney.

Unfortunately, criminal domestic charges are so common in Tampa that there is an entire division of the county court system dedicated to adjudicating these types of allegations. Our court system takes allegations of the like very seriously in that often an initial offer from the State Attorney’s Office involves jail time. Couple this with the fact that those accused of domestic violence are always ordered to have no contact with the victim. With that, there is the possibility that you as the Defendant may be forced to look for alternate living conditions, could be prevented from seeing your family, and in extreme cases could have your livelihood affected. Possibly more devastating than the prospect of incarceration is the collateral effect that your reputation is now subject to ridicule by others. Unfortunately, some in our society take a “where there’s smoke there’s fire” attitude and convict you in their mind before knowing the facts. Selecting an experienced criminal lawyer to advocate on your behalf can often be the difference in quickly putting this embarrassing incident behind you or unfortunately riding the embarrassing wave that is a domestic allegation.

So what if the alleged victim wants to continue prosecution? You pull the bull to the mat, that’s what. In most situations it is a “he said, she said” case. By default, if the victim’s allegation is all the evidence available and there are no pictures of injury, no eyewitnesses, and no surveillance video or audio, it will be very difficult to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Often alleged victims make false accusations for ulterior motives. Children may make an allegation of abuse by one parent because they want to live with the other. Spouses have made bogus allegations in the hope that a conviction against their spouse will help their custody battle in a divorce. Infidelity can lead to revenge being sought by the scorned significant other. We’re very familiar with these situations and make sure to bring them to light before the Judge and jury. With The Mayberry Law Firm in your corner you can rest assured the State Attorney will be put to their burden of proof and we will review every piece of evidence in your case to ensure no stone is left unturned. You need an experienced Tampa Criminal lawyer on your side. You need us. Contact us immediately at 813-444-7435!

Tampa Criminal Lawyer Blog - Domestic Violence
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"...I would not have gotten my life back with out Jason Mayberry and the hard work of him and his firm. He became a friend... My wife and I highly recommend the Mayberry law firm and we will only use him in the future if we need an attorney..." JB
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"My wife was facing false accusations that she misrepresented her Income on mortgage applications and was facing serious time as this was a federal crime. Jason worked diligently with her and myself daily on all the details of the sentencing potentials..." Anonymous
"...I called various attorneys and researched for four hours straight. After speaking with roughly 20 attorneys and reading various reviews, I knew that Attorney Mayberry was the best..." J.H.
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