Mail Fraud

Mail fraud, much like wire fraud, is a Federal crime that has been sensationalized over and over again through classic gangster movies and hit television shows depicting a FBI agent or United States Attorney using the teeth of this charge to get someone off the street. The link to organized crime and white collar crime is clear. In just about any criminal endeavor one can think of, from tax fraud to extortion, the perpetrator has to communicate with his cohorts in some fashion. Short of person to person communication, there will likely be the use of mail or a “wire” communication system to further the crime. For this reason this charge is usually piggy backed on to a more serious criminal allegation or will be used to seize someone suspected of a much more serious charge. An example would be a mafia member wanted for the contract killings of several rival gang members. Though the United States government really wants to bring murder charges, they may not have a 100% open and shut case. However, if they can bring the mafia member into custody and hold him without pretrial release, they may be able to strong arm him into talking in exchange for avoiding the death penalty or a reduced sentence. Alternatively the Feds could use the arrest and charge simply as a way to get the person off the street. Regardless of whether the mail fraud accusation is the whole of the charges or is a precursor to more serious charges later to come, if one is in this situation it is of utmost importance to retain the best criminal lawyer possible. The lawyers at The Mayberry Law Firm are experienced Federal criminal attorneys who will fight to the end in the interest of earning the best possible result for our clients.


Mail fraud, explained in simple to understand terms is when an individual devises a scheme to defraud someone or something in order to obtain money or property through a fraudulent means and in doing so uses the postal service or mail carrier in order to further his or her efforts. In other words if one uses the mail to communicate in a fashion that aids the fraudulent activity they could be charged with this crime. This commonly used Federal crime is codified under 18 USC 1341 and is generally punishable by up to 20 years in the United States Bureau of Prisons. If committed in relation to a benefit authorized by the President for a major disaster or affects a financial institution the person could be imprisoned for 30 years and fined $1,000,000.


Regardless of whether this charge stands on its own or is connected to another more serious charge, you need an attorney familiar with not only the criminal system but also the Federal system. Each attorney in our firm is experienced in the Federal criminal system, practicing within it consistently. Our attorneys have handled cases ranging from unlicensed vessels in international waters to conspiracy to possession with the intent to distribute drugs to white collar crime like wire and mail fraud. We have the experience and know how you need to defend your case. Call us today at 813-444-7435 or submit a form for a free case consultation.