Overturning Driver’s License Suspensions and Citations

If you’re suffering from a suspended license or consequences produced by too many points on your driving record, contact an experienced traffic attorney at the Mayberry Law Firm. As we’ve discussed in our driving while license suspended and habitual traffic offender pages, receiving points on a driving record can lead to suspension, habitual traffic offender status, or loss of employment due to too many points on your driving record. Attorney Jason Mayberry has represented countless individuals in our traffic courts. Whether it’s winning a motion to amend the result of a traffic ticket to reverse habitual traffic offender status or merely asking a court to amend a ticket’s disposition to help a client earn a promotion, our firm has consistently enjoyed success. Regardless of the traffic issue, Jason Mayberry will be able to tell very quickly exactly what the individual needs and the best approach to get the needed result.

Overturning Habitual Traffic Offender Status

In Florida an individual can lose their driving privilege for 5 years if they have a certain combination of three civil traffic infractions and/or driving related crimes within a five year period. If this occurs the client will receive notice from the Florida DHSMV that their license is about to be suspended for five years without eligibility for a hardship license for at least one year. Without a doubt being classified as a habitual traffic offender is one of the most debilitating things that can happen to one who has to drive to make a living or get an education.

Jason Mayberry has consistently filed motions to overturn clients’ habitual traffic offender status in his time in the Bay area. Through his hard work and dedication to his client’s needs, many clients have had their unrestricted driving status reinstated thereby allowing them to keep their job or earn a much-needed promotion. Let us take a look. You’ll never know what we can do unless you give it a shot.

Amending a Traffic Citation

Time after time our firm has been contacted by those needing to remove points from their driving record. Much like overturning habitual traffic offender status, Jason Mayberry has successfully overturned points on traffic tickets, even after the ticket was paid. Depending on the driving record and need, our attorneys can file a motion with the court to amend the disposition of your infraction to remove points from your record. By removing points your insurance cost may reduce and employers may be more amenable to allowing you to drive company vehicles. Unfortunately for those who drive as a part of their job description, insurance companies and employers aren’t becoming more forgiving. Let us take a look at what you have to see if we can help.

Give Us a Call, We Can Help!

Whether you’re seeking an in depth motion to remove the stigma of habitual traffic offender status or simply need to remove a few points from your driving record, give us a call or contact us online and let us see what we can do for you! We’re available for a free consultation at 813-444-7435 or at 727-771-3847.