Possession with the Intent to Sell Drugs

Simple possession and trafficking drugs charges shore up both ends of the spectrum of State drug charges in Florida. Somewhere in the middle, and depending on the circumstances, lies a potential charge for possession with the intent to sell an illegal drug. Found at Florida Statute 893.13, this crime alleges that one sold, manufactured, delivered, or possessed with the intent to sell a drug as recognized by Florida criminal code. As with any other drug crime, the kind of drug involved helps to determine the level of felony that will be charged. As imagined, the more serious the State considers the drug, the higher the potential penalty associated. The drug attorneys in our firm have handled numerous charges alleging the sale of drugs. We know the common posturing of the State and how to poke holes in their case in an effort to get our clients the best possible result. If you’ve been charged with this crime, you are most likely facing a felony. If that felony is more serious than a third degree felony, should you have to plea you will very likely become a convicted felon unless there are valid grounds otherwise. Depending on whether the activity leading to the charge was within 1000 feet of a child care facility or if there was a child under 16 present, there very well could be at least a 3 year minimum mandatory prison term required upon conviction. Because of this it is imperative that if you are charged with possession with the intent to sell a drug, that you hire an experienced attorney to guide you through this process. We want to be that criminal attorney.

How Can We Help?

Our attorneys have handled numerous cases involving these allegations. Over the years we have successfully been able to impeach the allegation of distance from childcare facilities thereby eliminating a minimum mandatory prison term in addition to challenging an allegation of sale based in part upon the way the drug was packaged. It is not uncommon for law enforcement to allege that there was a minor present at the time of a sale when in fact the minor was nowhere near where a confidential informant has claimed. If the charge is based upon a manufacturing allegation it may be difficult to show that you were actually involved in the manufacture of the drug. For every allegation, there is a defense. Our lawyers have navigated these roads with clients many times and earning excellent results along the way.

Why Us?

It’s simple; criminal lawyer Jason Mayberry has taken a compassionate approach to his client’s needs his entire career. While we are frank with our clients regarding their case and the merits of defenses, we will never make our clients uncomfortable or feel as if they are being talked down to. This mandate is in concert with our firm’s zealous approach to your case and constant drive to earn you the best result. That combination gets results and satisfaction. If you’ve been charged with a drug crime in Florida, contact the attorneys at The Mayberry Law Firm today at 813-444-7435 or at 727-771-3847.