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St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg, Fl Criminal Attorneys

St. Petersburg is located in Pinellas County, comprising nearly the entire southern portion of the county.  The population of St. Petersburg is approximately 244,769, making it the fourth largest city in Florida in terms of population and the largest city in Pinellas County.  Given its size and the fact that it comprises the southern portion of the county, St. Petersburg houses a civil courthouse located at 545 1st Avenue North and a traffic annex located at 1800 66th Street North.  St. Petersburg is known for its beautiful beaches and is renowned as a popular vacation destination.  As such, many spring breakers find themselves in trouble while they’re here.  Often a St. Petersburg criminal lawyer can handle their criminal issue and help them avoid having to make another appearance in Pinellas County after they’ve gone home.

How can We Help in Your Criminal Case?

We’re dedicated to you and to a cause. Frankly, we like to stand up for the little guy and this is the perfect business for us to do so. We’ve represented the fine citizens of St. Petersburg for a long time and have had a lot of success doing so. We don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. But really, why should you choose us? Glad you asked.

  1. 1) The system is complicated and courtrooms are cavernous, frightening places for many of those unfamiliar with them. Let us be your lighthouse to guide you through these turbulent waters. We don’t judge and we won’t talk to you like you’re below us. In fact, when we hear other lawyers do that to their clients it makes us mad. We’ll treat you like you should be treated all the while working our hardest to get you the result that’s best.
  2. 2) Our fee is our fee. Nothing more nothing less.
  3. 3) We’re in court so often that we know the players in the game. Having familiarity with the spokes in the wheel never hurts when you need a Prosecutor to trust your representations to them in order to facilitate the best possible result in a case.
  4. 4) We try cases. This is important because we also win cases and acquittals are what you want in this business. The fact that we try cases is known and that’s leverage to get better deals for our clients that don’t want to go to trial.
  5. 5) We shoot straight. You need to know what you’re up against, good, bad, or ugly.
  6. 6) You can get in touch with us. Imagine that! An attorney that’s accessible.
  7. 7) We care about you and we care about your case. We may occasionally have a client that even we think is a jerk. However, he’s our jerk and we’ll do everything we can to protect him or her. Bottom line, we work as hard as we can for our clients regardless of charge or who they are.
Types of Cases We Handle in Pinellas County

At The Mayberry Law Firm we handle both Federal and State criminal cases including wire fraud, extortion, tax fraud, money laundering, possession with the intent to distribute drugs, alien smuggling, conspiracy, RICO act violations, drug trafficking, murder, DUI, Sex crimes, manslaughter, grand theft, battery and many others.

Will You Have to go to Court?

For State cases this depends on the Judge. Some require your presence, some don’t. Those that don’t will allow you to file a waiver of appearance of which we will do for you so you have the option to avoid appearing. If you’re out on a Federal bond you’ll have to tag along with us.

The Judges who preside in the 6th Judicial Circuit for Pinellas County can be found by clicking here to link the judicial directory.

The Judges who preside in the Middle District of Florida Federal Court for the Tampa division can be found here.

Why Hire Us?

Firm founder Jason Mayberry was named a “Top 100 Trial Lawyer” by the National Trial Lawyer’s organization and is rated as “superb” with a perfect 10 out of 10 rating by lawyer rating service AVVO.com. He’s dedicated to his clients and this is clear through his numerous perfect reviews on AVVO. We work hard to win and that can’t possible do anything but benefit you. Simply put, we’ll work tirelessly to get you the best result possible.

Client Reviews
"...I would not have gotten my life back with out Jason Mayberry and the hard work of him and his firm. He became a friend... My wife and I highly recommend the Mayberry law firm and we will only use him in the future if we need an attorney..." JB
"..After speaking with Jason on the phone, I stopped the search. There was just something about this friendly, No BS professional that told me this is the one. During my consultation, it was like talking to a long time buddy. I was totally at ease..." NH
"Having never been arrested before I was completely terrified and ignorant to the judicial process. Jason provided emotional support and the knowledge and experience I needed. He was available 24/7 for all of my concerns and questions. He was efficient..." LH
"My wife was facing false accusations that she misrepresented her Income on mortgage applications and was facing serious time as this was a federal crime. Jason worked diligently with her and myself daily on all the details of the sentencing potentials..." Anonymous
"...I called various attorneys and researched for four hours straight. After speaking with roughly 20 attorneys and reading various reviews, I knew that Attorney Mayberry was the best..." J.H.
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