Theft Crimes

Over our careers, the attorneys at The Mayberry Law Firm have excelled in representing clients charged in a wide range of theft offenses. Our Tampa criminal attorneys understand that an allegation of this nature is embarrassing, has harsh direct consequences, and if you’re formally convicted, will haunt you for the rest of your life. It is because of this that we emphasize damage control in the event your case is not fit for trial due to overwhelming evidence. Our approach is simple; leave no stone unturned in an effort to get your charges dropped or in preparation for what we believe to be a good case for trial. If these options aren’t available we impress upon our clients that it is always best to plan for the long term rather than take the immediate and easier route. Theft crimes are considered crimes of dishonesty. Whether a theft crime conviction comes into play in a future civil or criminal trial or it appears on a background check when you apply for a new job, the result is simple and complete devastation. It is for this reason we make every effort to get our clients into a pretrial diversion program or negotiate a plea allowing for avoidance of formal conviction and the possibility of sealing or expunging your record down the road.

Crimes of dishonesty are on the rise in the Tampa Bay area in addition to the rest of Florida. Because of this, local police departments, federal law enforcement, in addition to State and US Attorneys Offices have developed specialized departments and task forces to combat these kinds of allegations. With that being said, when you face this kind of allegation, you will also be facing some of the best personnel law enforcement has to offer. Just as law enforcement has taken notice, so too comes an often overzealous watchdog effect by employers. Many times our clients are accused of stealing from an employer when in reality it was a simple misunderstanding. Other times it can be a scorned family member looking for some type of vengeance, using the wrong vehicle to do so. Regardless of the circumstances giving rise to your situation, you cannot these charges without the aid of an experienced lawyer and expect to get a favorable result.

Theft crimes, fraud or any crime deemed a crime of dishonesty have a long term effect trumped only by that of a sex crime or very violent crime. Jason Mayberry, has counseled countless clients on the pitfalls of entering a plea resulting in a formal adjudication of guilt on a case of this nature. Though there are immediate consequences, we can help to keep those to a minimum all the while ensuring that you can put this terrible experience behind you in a fashion where you won’t have to pay the wages of sin over and over. We are experienced in case evaluation for situations like this and in positioning our client to get the best possible result now and in the future. Whether it’s petty theft, grand theft, or grand theft auto if you’ve been charged with a crime of dishonesty, contact our office as soon as possible. Prompt response to these kind of allegations often mean the difference between a great result and one that will hold its grip on you. Contact us at 813-444-7435.

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